1. A good neighbor is friendly. Say Hi and smile to your neighbors. You don’t have to have coffee with them, but always say Hi.
  2. Be Quiet – a good neighbor doesn’t produce loud, obnoxious noises. Keep your music and sounds inside. Silence those constantly barking dogs.
  3. Respect yours and your neighbor’s space – keep your yard clean and neat. Don’t park cars on the grass and leave trash and debris out for everyone to see.
  4. Good neighbors handle things maturely – ask don’t tell a neighbor if you have an issue. Respectfully approach you neighbor if there is an issue and if you are the one being approached, be open to listening and making changes.
  5. Good neighbors help one another – when it shows or a neighbor plain just needs help – HELP.
  6. Good neighbors trust one another – by all means keep your neighbors trust. Don’t do anything that would impact that.

So are you a good neighbor? Hope you all have a good day.