“Tiny Home Jamboree is leaving Colorado Springs.” I just read this article inside the Colorado Springs Independent. It was a great article written by Matthew Schniper. It appears the jamboree is leaving our area because it’s too big for Colorado Springs to handle.

           Too Big to Handle? Isn’t this ironic! El Paso County and Colorado Springs will not allow tiny homes in the area unless they are in an RV Park. I have Two clients who want to purse this type of housing and cannot do it. Based on the article, there may be another 40-50,000 people who “Can’t Do It” either.

           Colorado Springs an El Paso County – WAKE UP! There should be a way to allow this on lots and still get some compliance with various neighborhoods. This would be a great fill in for the old run down houses from the turn of the century. It would be great as a village or subdivision. Wake UP and open this window.