The inventory in Colorado Springs is at an all-time low. At the end of March there were just over 1400 homes for sale. Last year there were 3127. In 2014 there were over 4000 homes. Sales thru March were 2995 that’s a 2% increase over last year. Yes the market has recovered!!

         While this is good news in many cases, it’s not balanced! When a market is this hot and buyers are bidding for homes, I fear its creating an unrealistic value appreciation. Admittedly prices are finally back up to pre-crash values from 10 years ago. Maybe this is the real value, but it’s hard to justify 10% a year or more in value increases.

         If you want to buy a home, be careful. Do your homework to help you determine value. Plan on staying. Currently the government says you have to live in a home at least two years to avoid Capital Gains tax.

         If you are a seller and want to do a move-up, this is the perfect time. It will work if you sell below $300,000 and buy over $400,000. Above $400,000 it’s more balanced market. Above $500,000 it’s mostly a buyer’s market.

         If you are a reluctant landlord, Sell Now. Take advantage as Capital Gains Tax goes up every year. Demand is high and condition is not a big factor.

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