It’s just past the midpoint of 2017. What is the state of the Real Estate Market in Colorado Springs? All indicators say it’s all “Good & Positive”. But is that the real truth? Is this fake news or real news?

         I think mostly its real news that in general the market is good. Real Estate sales are up 330 units. The average price is up $35,000. The medium price is up $23,000. But is this all good?  There are 500 less homes on the market than a year ago. Affordability is harder than a year ago.

         So what is the truth? It depends on your perspective!! If you are a seller, it’s a great time to sell. If you are a buyer, you feel you are paying too much! If you are a 1st time buyer, there is hardly anything below $150,000.00.

         Is there going to be a bubble burst again? I don’t think so! Prices are just now coming back from where we left off in 2007. We have a lot of catching up to do. Wages and jobs need to catch up as well to keep the market healthy and I think Colorado Springs is well positioned to keep growing. One study I read; said we would be up to a million people by 2020. I don’t see that, but I do expect continued growth.

         So in general I think Colorado Springs has a healthy economy. It can always change, but for now let’s roll with it.