Should you hire your friend or family to sell your home? The next question you need to ask is – Do you want to keep them as friends or family? I know that sounds harsh, but selling a home is one of the most stressful things that happen in life. Do you want your friends or family to be the brunt of that stress? In my opinion, Don’t Do It!

         When you sell a home you need to hire a person with experience and knowledge of your area. Does this friend have that? Will they treat you the same as other clients by telling you the truth? Will they provide honest feedback? Can you hear that from a family member?

         Selling a home requires open and honest communication. Both the seller and agent need to communicate openly and bluntly. Most personal relationships with friends and family cannot communicate in a manner that will lead to a successful Real Estate transaction. The solution is to let that family member refer a good qualified realtor. Offer advice from the sidelines, it’s much easier in the long run and will preserve the relationships. Think twice before you go down the road with a friend or family member to sell your home!