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The Weather is Changing and Winter is around the corner

by Brian Maecker

The weather is changing and winter is around the corner. Here are a few items to do around your home to prepare for the cold months ahead.

  1. Clean & Service your furnace. This should be a no brainer. Clean the furniture and change the filter at a minimum.
  2. Cover the A/C with a good weatherproof blanket.
  3. Caulk the windows and check the doors for drafts.
  4. Check your smoke alarms and check your carbon monoxide detectors.
  5. Make sure roof isn’t missing any shingles from the winds of spring and the rains of summer.
  6. Clean the gutters out. Try to wait until all the leaves have fallen.
  7. Put away lawn furniture and secure items like heat lamps from the winter winds.
  8. Inspect your exterior for holes or gaps in the siding. Squirrels and woodpeckers may have decided to winter in your home.

Stay Warm



by Brian Maecker

It’s awful to watch the remnants of the 2 hurricanes hit Houston & Florida. I hope that equal attention in relief efforts is being made. They are both catastrophic and both need donations to help them.


        So how do these hurricanes affect you and I. One, insurance for all of us will go up. The insurance companies will raise the rates across the board so the affected ones will not have as sharp of increases. Two, building supplies will become short and prices will increase. The amount of reconstruction is beyond comprehension and materials will need to come from everywhere. Factories are caught short and it will take months or years to catch it up. Therefore prices for lumber and all building materials will go up. Home prices will go up. New construction will be more expensive. This will trickle down into the resale market as demand continues. Another probable side effect is the folks in Houston and Florida will relocate to safer ground. Colorado and Colorado Springs saw this after Hurricane Katrina and I think we’ll see it again.


        In summary, these National disasters affect all of us, some more than others. I feel very grateful to live in Colorado. No hurricanes here!!!




Is Your Home Not Selling?

by Brian Maecker

If you read all the headlines, every home that goes on the market is selling. That is not true. Many homes are still not selling because of many factors. So before the best-selling time winds down to an end, you might consider some of these ideas. If your home is not selling:

  1. You could be overpriced! Many realtors and sellers thought any price will work. That simply is not true. If you have had 12 or more showings and no offers, Reduce! If you have had little or no showings, Reduce A lot.
  2. How does your home show? Is it dirty and cluttered? Worse, does it smell? Stage your home and eliminate odors. Professionally clean it.
  3. Do you meet the buyers at the door “to Show” your home. When you meet a buyer, they can’t get comfortable. Leave the house!!
  4. You choose the wrong agent. Did you choose an agent because they were a friend or family? Did you choose the highest bidder on price? Or worse, Did you choose the lowest bidder on commission? Chose an agent based on a detailed analysis, a track record of sales and your feel for them. Make it a business decision.
  5. Is your home simply in a bad price niche? There is a saying “Every home will sell at a price”. While that is mostly true, higher priced homes always take longer. The higher you go, the thinner the buying pool!

I hope my tips help. If you are having issues with your realtor, you will need to let them go before pursuing another one. Let us know if we can help you.



Is Colorado Springs Affordable?

by Brian Maecker

So Is Colorado Springs Affordable. According to, Colorado Springs is the 3rd rated city where a comfortable lifestyle is possible. Ummm! I am not so sure!

           It wasn’t that long ago when a family making $30,000.00 in the household could find a simple 3 Bedroom home for $900.00 a month. That is not possible today. It was only 1-2 years ago when we had numerous 1st time home opportunities below $100,000.00. That does not exist today. In fact, there are hardly any homes below $150,000.00. Homes for rent across the county start at $1000.00 per month and get higher quickly. Is this affordable? I don’t think so.

           Minimum wage workers and entry level workers are really struggling to find suitable housing. 2 bedroom apartments are at $900.00 a month for something livable. Hard working folks are getting priced out of the market from Colorado Springs to the north. I was talking to a young man this weekend who is just out of college. He is working in downtown Denver making 40,000.00 a year. He cannot find even a 1 bedroom apartment up there for less than 1500 per month. That’s not comfortable!

           I don’t have a solution!! The market has gone up in value because there is no inventory of homes to sell or rent. Many folks are staying put for those reasons. Scaling down is not an option for retirees because there is no small 1 level plans in the market. It’s a catch 22, in that no one wants to sell because there is nowhere to go. The only solution is building small 1 level homes. Builders tell me that there is No Profit in doing that. Again we’re stuck. Thankfully our affordability is better than most cities, but it’s far from affordable.



State Of Affairs

by Brian Maecker

It’s just past the midpoint of 2017. What is the state of the Real Estate Market in Colorado Springs? All indicators say it’s all “Good & Positive”. But is that the real truth? Is this fake news or real news?

         I think mostly its real news that in general the market is good. Real Estate sales are up 330 units. The average price is up $35,000. The medium price is up $23,000. But is this all good?  There are 500 less homes on the market than a year ago. Affordability is harder than a year ago.

         So what is the truth? It depends on your perspective!! If you are a seller, it’s a great time to sell. If you are a buyer, you feel you are paying too much! If you are a 1st time buyer, there is hardly anything below $150,000.00.

         Is there going to be a bubble burst again? I don’t think so! Prices are just now coming back from where we left off in 2007. We have a lot of catching up to do. Wages and jobs need to catch up as well to keep the market healthy and I think Colorado Springs is well positioned to keep growing. One study I read; said we would be up to a million people by 2020. I don’t see that, but I do expect continued growth.

         So in general I think Colorado Springs has a healthy economy. It can always change, but for now let’s roll with it.




What Do We Do With Our Kids?

by Brian Maecker

What do we do with our ADULT kids? I wrote last week how the housing shortage is causing affordability issues nationwide. The price of housing to buy and rent has exploded. When average home prices top $300,000.00 and rents for a 3 bedroom home average $1300.00 per month, it’s hard for young adults to live on their own.

           The solution is they are living at home longer. Uhh! As adult parents, I don’t want my 30 year old or my 22 year old boy’s living at home anymore. My wife and I have gotten used to living back on our own. The freedom it gave us back was amazing. However it’s a real dilemma for us and many others when they get out of school to have no job or a low paying job. They can’t afford to rent their own place because of high rents. According to NAR (National Association of Realtors) 40%of us worry about this. Frankly I think that is low.

           What is the solution? The solution is; Don’t make it too comfortable at home. They need to pay some rent. They need to do chores. They need to contribute to the household. Another solution; Find roommate’s and share rent. Live with their friends. Let them have tough times. They need to learn to budget and scrape by. Last solution – Supplement them with payment. I’m not a big fan of this as they might get too dependent. Structure it as a loan though, so that they feel some responsibility.

           Bottom line, we need more affordable housing options. Builders won’t build it because it’s not profitable. It’s not a good situation. I hope we find a solution!



8 Summer Energy Saving Tips

by Brian Maecker

Hi all, I saw an article in this week’s Colorado Springs Gazette and I thought I would summarize it for you. 8 ways to save energy in the summer time.

Part of this article assumes you have air conditioning so adjust as needed.

  1. Find a comfort zone – Set the A/C as high as you can comfortably be. In my household we do a daytime temperature of 78 degrees. Get a setback thermostat to help you adjust.
  2. Keep the curtains closed – Great idea with or without A/C. If you don’t have A/C, close the curtains and try to trap the cool air that comes in during the night. If you have A/C, it deflects the daytime sun.
  3. Circulate the Air – Get ceiling fans. Ceiling fans or low speed room fans assist at keeping air balanced in a home. Attic fans are also a great option as they remove the super-heated air in an attic.
  4. Cook Outdoors – Grill, Grill, Grill. Use that Bar B Q so you don’t have to turn on the stove or oven.
  5. Run appliances at night – the article talks about dryers and dishwashers because they generate heat. Makes sense and open the windows around those appliances to let the heat dissipate.
  6. Line dry clothes – this is a lost art! Hang clothes on a line or lawn furniture and don’t run the dryer.
  7. Use natural light – in other words use less light bulbs and light in your home.
  8. Water your lawn in the night or early mornings – I added this one. In the long run, you will use less water to keep you lawn green.

Have a Great Summer!!


Tiny Homes

by Brian Maecker

“Tiny Home Jamboree is leaving Colorado Springs.” I just read this article inside the Colorado Springs Independent. It was a great article written by Matthew Schniper. It appears the jamboree is leaving our area because it’s too big for Colorado Springs to handle.

           Too Big to Handle? Isn’t this ironic! El Paso County and Colorado Springs will not allow tiny homes in the area unless they are in an RV Park. I have Two clients who want to purse this type of housing and cannot do it. Based on the article, there may be another 40-50,000 people who “Can’t Do It” either.

           Colorado Springs an El Paso County – WAKE UP! There should be a way to allow this on lots and still get some compliance with various neighborhoods. This would be a great fill in for the old run down houses from the turn of the century. It would be great as a village or subdivision. Wake UP and open this window.




7 Things to Know Before you List your Home

by Brian Maecker
  1. Clean It – Before you invite agents to your home, Clean it. The home should be vacuumed, picked up and straightened up. Mow the yard and pull the weeds. This may seem like common sense, but I can’t tell you how many dirty un kept homes I go into and folks think they are ready. First impressions count with us too!
  2. Interview Agents – get 2 to 3 opinions of the market values and what an agent will do for you. Ask them for references, google them. Find out if they are who they say they are. Hire experience, it will save you in the long run.
  3. Inspect It – Hire an inspector to inspect the home so you know about issues before they are big issues to a buyer. This eliminates big surprises.
  4. Stage It – Does the realtor have a stager? Did they help you stage it? Living in a home to live verses living in a home to sell are 2 totally different things. Neutralize and opening the home up make it easy for buyers to see themselves in the home.
  5. Fix It – Fix all the little squeaks, fix the drips and loose things, handles are a typical thing. Trim the bushes, oil the garage door grease the hinges. You get the idea.
  6. Price It – After looking at the comparables, price it to sell within 30-45 days. The market does not care what you want. The market will pay what the market shows in value. The realtor should have suggested this price.
  7. Make it easy to show – have a plan for kids and pets. Buyers don’t like to wait. Make your home readily showable. Limitations hurt showings which hurts offers. 

United Airlines

by Brian Maecker

Have you seen the video of United Airlines removing a passenger because they overbooked a flight? WOW! They literally beat the guy up and forcibly removed him from a flight to make room for 4 employees to get to a destination. It’s awful!

         Well I’ll add a little more to it. We recently flew to Hawaii via United and it was terrible. Their seats have been changed to make the plane lighter and they were like benches. Talk about uncomfortable for 7 hours, crowded seats is one thing, but hard, stiff seats is Bad. They have also removed the seat back entertainment. Instead telling people to App into the United site and use the planes WIFI. It didn’t work!! Their answer was simple, it sometimes works and there is nothing they can do about it. Again WOW! Where is the customer service?

         The airlines have us. They are busy competing and we as customers are suffering. We have to pay for luggage, overhead storage, drinks, snacks and some airlines charge for window or aisle seats. Something has to give!


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