It’s a week before Christmas and 2018 is almost over. What a year we have seen in Colorado Springs Real Estate.

         It’s actually been quite a roller coaster ride! We started the year with record sales, multiple offers and massive price increases. Summer came and we cooled down to almost flat and depreciating values. Interest rates started up in June and that definitely slowed the market. Fall came along and sales remained flat but mid-priced homes continued to see modest gain and good sales. Here it is December and this winter it’s been busy again. Rates are at 5% and I think most folks want to beat interest rate increases.

         So what will the New Year bring? I think we will again see modest gains and a robust market. Interest rates will rise into the summer. I hope and think we’ll top out around 6%. If you are thinking of selling and buying let’s do it in January or February. The first half of the year will be a busy time. Next spring will be busy into the summer. Plan now! Use the post-holiday time to spruce and stage. Be Ready Sooner Rather than Later.

         In summary, Have a Happy Holidays. If you plan to sell or buy next year, do it earlier rather than later to get a better interest rate and better home prices.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year