Is your home not selling? Here are some reasons as written by RIS Medias House call.

  1. You overpriced your home. The market changes often. Get an updated analysis and see what’s sold in the last 30 Days and adjust as necessary.
  2. You won’t leave the home during showings. Buyers want privacy. Let them have it.
  3. It’s dirty or smells. If it smells it doesn’t sell. Make it clean and sparkly!
  4. You have not staged. Depersonalize and make it neutral, clean and open.
  5. Your home improvements are too personal. Keep your colors and decorations neutral.
  6. Your home is too cluttered – get rid of all the extra stuff so buyers can truly see the home.
  7. You chose the wrong agent. There are lots to choose from. Usually you get what you pay for. Chose experience broad marketing plan and a person who will tell you what you have to hear instead of what you want to hear!

If your home is not selling, Call us. We have sold 127 homes this year and almost 5000 homes in my career.