If you read all the headlines, every home that goes on the market is selling. That is not true. Many homes are still not selling because of many factors. So before the best-selling time winds down to an end, you might consider some of these ideas. If your home is not selling:

  1. You could be overpriced! Many realtors and sellers thought any price will work. That simply is not true. If you have had 12 or more showings and no offers, Reduce! If you have had little or no showings, Reduce A lot.
  2. How does your home show? Is it dirty and cluttered? Worse, does it smell? Stage your home and eliminate odors. Professionally clean it.
  3. Do you meet the buyers at the door “to Show” your home. When you meet a buyer, they can’t get comfortable. Leave the house!!
  4. You choose the wrong agent. Did you choose an agent because they were a friend or family? Did you choose the highest bidder on price? Or worse, Did you choose the lowest bidder on commission? Chose an agent based on a detailed analysis, a track record of sales and your feel for them. Make it a business decision.
  5. Is your home simply in a bad price niche? There is a saying “Every home will sell at a price”. While that is mostly true, higher priced homes always take longer. The higher you go, the thinner the buying pool!

I hope my tips help. If you are having issues with your realtor, you will need to let them go before pursuing another one. Let us know if we can help you.