I just read an article by Caitlin McCabe of the Tribune News Service and she wrote a nice article about Home Inspections. I wanted to summarize and share with you.

           A home inspection is not an appraisal of value for the home. It is an appraisal of the true condition of a home. An inspector is a vital piece of the home buying process. It’s to get a 3rd set of eyes to professionally inspect the true condition of a home.

           A good inspector should be ASHI certified that means the American Society of Home Inspectors. These inspectors have gone through extensive training and they also have to continue with their education.

           Generally speaking an inspection should take place within 2 weeks of an accepted contract. The purpose of the inspection is to determine if there are any health and safety issues plus high dollar repairs. An inspector should note minor issues as well as major issues. However, one must realize minor issues should not be a real concern. Also one should realize that inspectors inspect to “Today’s Codes”. These expectations may not apply to turn of the century and older houses. I strongly suggest that common sense be exercised, but some inspectors don’t see it that way.

           A buyer should always get an inspection and make their contract contingent upon it. It’s for peace of mind. It’s to know what exactly they are getting. It’s to protect all parties involved. Sometimes, sellers do inspections to pre-address any issue. I like this approach in many cases. If you are a seller and do an inspection, you are responsible to share that. I would advise you to address the major and minor issues and ask that inspector to re-inspect with your prospective buyer. It can save everyone lots of money and make for a good transaction.

           To get a list of approved ASHI inspectors in your area, go online or visit their website. You can also call us at 719-593-2963 and we can help you through the whole buying process.