I just received a quote to renew my current health insurance. It went up 33% from this year’s rate which went up 50% from the year before which went up 50% from the year before that. What the ***??

         My deductible has gone from $1000.00 to $5000.00 to now $7000.00. I’m now looking at trying to get a higher deductible to lower my monthly payments and it appears I can’t. On the flipside my son has a minimal Medicaid plan that he barely pays for and his plan covers most things but he has no choices of Physicians. They choose him if they want him.

         Where is all the money going? Today, I went to my skin doctor. I am self-pay because my basal cell is a preexisting condition, $137.00 for 10 minutes of his time and a 20 minute wait.

         Tax cuts! So if we cut taxes and modify health care what is going to pay who? Is it just me that keeps wondering why we pay more for everything and get less of everything? Where is all the money going? Insurance? Government? Doctors? Hospitals? Where? It sure as heck isn’t staying in our pockets!