Its 2018, WOW!! I hope your 2017 was a good year. So what’s in store for 2018? Real Estate wise! I expect more of the sale.

           In 2017 we saw record home sales and prices increases in all areas of the market. In 2018 I expect prices to keep increasing, but the number of sales to level off or even decrease. I say that because inventory is tight and I don’t see any relief from that. I think there are lots of folks who want to downsize, but they can’t find that 1 Level ranch home. Or if they do find it, it’s much higher than the equity in their home.

           I expect interest rates to rise ½ -1% this year. Rates have been around 4% or below for years now. It has to go up sometime. I remember in 1986, they were 14%. I think rates need to go up to curb inflation.

           In 2018, I expect more people moving here from Denver. Our prices are at least 10-15% lower if not more in our area. Along that same line, more people will downsize to Pueblo. It’s affordable, it’s warmer, they have lots of 1 Level homes and its lower altitude.

           I expect even more realtors! In 2013 at the low point of the market there were 1600 realtors serving El Paso County. Most of us were the grizzled veterans working through the market. Today there are over 4000 realtors serving El Paso County. Many are doing a one and done. They think it’s easy and frankly these rookies are horrible for the market. They don’t know how to advise or find information. They simply are looking for the quick buck. Don’t be fooled by discounters and amateurs. This market requires experience and the know how! Trust experience. We’ve been here for 31 years through thick and thin. I know how to navigate this environment.

           I hope you have a great 2018. If you need sound experienced Real Estate help, Call us.