It’s awful to watch the remnants of the 2 hurricanes hit Houston & Florida. I hope that equal attention in relief efforts is being made. They are both catastrophic and both need donations to help them.


        So how do these hurricanes affect you and I. One, insurance for all of us will go up. The insurance companies will raise the rates across the board so the affected ones will not have as sharp of increases. Two, building supplies will become short and prices will increase. The amount of reconstruction is beyond comprehension and materials will need to come from everywhere. Factories are caught short and it will take months or years to catch it up. Therefore prices for lumber and all building materials will go up. Home prices will go up. New construction will be more expensive. This will trickle down into the resale market as demand continues. Another probable side effect is the folks in Houston and Florida will relocate to safer ground. Colorado and Colorado Springs saw this after Hurricane Katrina and I think we’ll see it again.


        In summary, these National disasters affect all of us, some more than others. I feel very grateful to live in Colorado. No hurricanes here!!!