Hi All, I’ve been on vacation in Europe for the last 2 weeks and I am glad to be home! The scenery in the Alps was spectacular and there is a certain charm to many of the mountain towns.

However, when you walk the streets and ride the trains and get behind the scenes, they have issues too. The crowding of housing is crazy. People are stacked on top of one another. The streets are congested. The utilities are dated. The roofs are in poor condition. The buildings need updating. The people look harried and stressed. While we saw the tourist, happy side and tons of friendly people, you could see an undercurrent of struggle.

           Many criticize our country and systems, but we have it pretty good. Don’t kid ourselves into believing its great because we do have big issues. Violence, drugs, poverty need to be addressed. Heath care needs to be solved. However we are not alone in the social struggles that plague our country. Be grateful for what we do have. It’s still more than most!