Before you hire your neighbor, your sister, your friend to help you sell or buy a home Check Their Experience!

           We just closed a rather high-end home and the buyer hired one of his subordinates to represent him in the buying process. This buyer is a CEO of a large corporation. The agent is an underling in this corporation who has only closed 2 transactions in her 2 year career. She did almost everything an agent can do to screw up the transaction. From beginning to end it was one objection after another to a point of crazy. Normal experienced agents can handle questions without making them objections. Even though solutions and answers were given, she proceeded to object to every solution without knowledge. One example is saying a window was going to fall out when it simply needed caulk. Another example was the electrical panel would burn the house down when it simply needed round end screws to be tightened. Another example is radon at a 5 level will eventually kill the occupants and one cannot move in until its 4 or below. “NO” long exposure is what causes cancer, not short term exposure. Getting it fixed is easy. I can go on, but you get the picture. She made enemies of everyone. That’s not the type of agent you want working for you!

           When hiring an agent, look for experience. Ask for recommendations. Check them out. Get references. Don’t just go with the easy acquaintance, it could cost you in many different ways. To check our experience and our references, please go to our website at or google us.