One of the things I love about my job of being a realtor is every day, every person and every transaction is different. Admittedly many are very similar because the process is the same, but they are all different.

           I have been on a rampage about hiring experience and todays Colorado Springs Gazette echoed my point. The article was written by Mike MacGuire, who is a realtor at Platinum Group. Mike is a great professional realtor who has been selling homes for many years. Not quiet to my 30+ years, but he is seasoned as well. It’s epidemic the amount of bad inexperienced agents that are in the market today. Last year at this time there were approximately 1700 realtors in El Paso County. Today there are over 2600.

           So what type of realtor do you want to sell your home? The seasoned professional or cousin Jimmy who got his license last month. When choosing a realtor to sell or buy a home look for these qualities:

  1. Hire Experience – I believe you should look for a realtor with 10+ years experience. They have been through good-bad-good markets. They know how to negotiate. They will get you through lending, inspections, appraisal issues and to a successful closing.
  2. Compassion – Look for a person that understands and listens to you. At the same time, they can tell you what you “need to hear” versus what you “want to hear.”
  3. Knowledge – Bottom line what is a home worth. today that’s a bit gray because of lack of inventory, but a good realtor does a full market analysis and helps you determine value.
  4. References – Ask for references, search for references at Google, Better Business Bureau and Chamber of Commerce. Get a list from that realtor to see what past clients say.
  5. Trust your Information – If you have done the above due diligence, make a decision based on information and not your heart. Consider your feelings and feel good about working with the person, but base it more on facts.

In summary, the biggest or close to the biggest investment you have should not be handled by inexperience. Trust the expert and I promise it will be a smoother transaction.