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  1. The Microwave Oven – Clean and sanitize weekly
  2.  The Bathtub – Every week for obvious reasons – shower is the same assuming either both are used most everyday


  1. Bed sheets and Linens – Every 2 weeks
  2.  Refrigerator – Monthly will minimize bacteria spores and build up
  3.  Computer – Every week especially if it’s a laptop
  4.  Pillows – Every 3 months, however if you change the pillow case every 2 weeks this can be 6 months
  5.  Carpet – Every 6 month with pets. Yearly without pets
  6.  Mattress – Vacuum the mattress every 2 months
  7.  Kitchen counters – Daily
  8.   Bath towels – Twice a week with daily use.

 I saw this online and found it interesting. A tough level to live up to.




Hardwood Floor Care

by Brian Maecker

I am writing this week’s blog from an article that a local company gave me. The company is Mr. Sandless. Their phone number is 719-434-1415. They are an awesome alternative to refinishing hardwood floors without the mess of sanding. Please call them the next time you need your hardwood floors refinished. In the meantime use these helpful tips to care for those floors.

  1. Dry mop on a regular basis – No wet mopping or steam cleaning
  2. Wipe up spills with a damp cloth. Not only do it fast so it won’t soak in, but use a cloth to soak the spill up and away from the floor.
  3. Never wet mop a wood floor – water is an enemy of wood flooring
  4. Do Not use chemicals on your floors
  5. Use floor protectors – use felt cushions below the furniture. Avoid heels and gritty bottom shoes.
  6. Trim your pets nails – they scratch floors worse than anything
  7. Use a mat upon entry and rugs in high traffic areas.

Good Luck with your floors. Follow these helpful hints and your hardwood will look good for a long time



Displaying blog entries 1-2 of 2




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