Have you seen the video of United Airlines removing a passenger because they overbooked a flight? WOW! They literally beat the guy up and forcibly removed him from a flight to make room for 4 employees to get to a destination. It’s awful!

         Well I’ll add a little more to it. We recently flew to Hawaii via United and it was terrible. Their seats have been changed to make the plane lighter and they were like benches. Talk about uncomfortable for 7 hours, crowded seats is one thing, but hard, stiff seats is Bad. They have also removed the seat back entertainment. Instead telling people to App into the United site and use the planes WIFI. It didn’t work!! Their answer was simple, it sometimes works and there is nothing they can do about it. Again WOW! Where is the customer service?

         The airlines have us. They are busy competing and we as customers are suffering. We have to pay for luggage, overhead storage, drinks, snacks and some airlines charge for window or aisle seats. Something has to give!