1.    Most burglaries are in the daytime hours. There is less chance of anyone being home.

  1. Because of Social Media, they know when you are on vacation. Wait until you get back to let everyone know how great your vacation was.
  2. Burglars don’t like security systems. Use a system with a strong code. Don’t use your address or even a birthday, mix it up. Use light sensors and leave lights on timers when you are away.
  3. Burglars like guns. I mean they target gun owners to steal guns. They fetch a big price in the dark market. If you are a gun owner – Keep it to yourself.
  4. Keep big bushy plans away from windows. This makes a great hiding place for burglars to scope out your home and break in.
  5. Keep Valuables out of sight. Don’t leave cash, computers, weapons, anything of value that’s small in plain sight. Burglars like quick and easy targets.

I hope this gives you some ideas to keep your home more secure. Stay Safe!