Thank you everyone for allowing me to be of service for 32 years. I started my Real Estate Career with Barry Boals & Associates in 1986. From there I worked 2 years with The Profit Broker. We had the HUD/FHA account selling foreclosures. Since 1990, I’ve been with RE/MAX. What a ride, and the things I have seen.

           In the beginning, late 80’s interest rates were in the teens. Imagine paying 14% interest. Today we are upset that rates have climbed to 4.6% from all the lows of 3.75%. Home prices! In 1986 I bought a home in north Colorado Springs for $79,000. It was a 3 bedroom, 3 Bathroom, 2 car garage home in District 20. It was brand new and had 2200 SQFT. That same home is $279,000 per county records. 200K of an increase in 32 years WOW!

           In 1986, Woodmen Road was a 2 lane road and Union Blvd was a dead end there. Powers was 4 lanes, but there were no shopping centers. The city back then was around 300,000. Today over 600,000. We didn’t have cell phones or computers. We used fax machines and face to face visits. There were no Real Estate Teams. I was the first in 1990.

           Along the way, I have sold almost 5000 homes. I have made some great friends and relationships. Thanks to all of you for making these 32 years fly by and be mostly good times. I’m looking forward to many more years. Hope to see you soon.


Brian Maecker