Hi All,

           This month, August, 32 years ago is when I started me Real Estate Career. Wow, have I seen changes over the years.

           In 1986, we didn’t have computers, email or cell phones. We had MLS books that came out weekly and a type of machine that printed off lines of available homes that referenced back to the book. We used fax machines and personal visits. We used pagers and found phone booths or offices to make a call. By the 90’s we did have cell phones, but they were either big bricks or hand wired to our car. In the mid 90’s we started having computers to do the searches by area and coordinates. We only were allowed a couple photos. The MLS system was it for marketing homes. There was no Realtor.com, Zillow or anything.

           In the 2000’s came the big search engines and online marketing. Websites for personal and companies really came on strong. In the early 2000’s you could be the only one marketing your listings. As an agent, it was great because the conversion rates were high. By 2010, Zillow, Realtor.com, Trulia, Homes.com and many other companies gained access to the MLS. This made information more public. While great for the consumer, it’s proved to be hard for agent conversion of leads.

           So here we are in 2018. There is so much information out there, where do you go? There are tons of sites for every piece of information you could want. So what do you do with all this information overload? Call an experienced realtor! That’s the one constant over the last 32 years I’ve been selling homes. We are versed and knowledgeable about the process and the information that’s needed. We can decipher down to the important facts. We can bridge the gap between buyers and sellers. We know how!

           So as you and I move thru the next decade, trust the experience that we can give you. We’ve seen good and bad and up and down. We are here to serve you, just let us know!